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University Presbyterian Church – Heritage Room

The UPC History Collection is a long-term project of the UPC Heritage Ministry Team. Print Archives are housed in the Heritage Ministry Room (Room 2, lower level). Our goal is to make UPC's rich archival collections accessible to and searchable by church members and the public at large.

To request an appointment to explore the physical archives, contribute items, discuss volunteering, or ask questions, email
Chair: Sharyn Reynolds
Contact: [email protected]

Tech Team: Seeking volunteers with basic computer technologies and interest in creating meta-data for digitized documents and photographs, as well as uploading materials to the website, email
Coordinator: Carol Keller
Contact: [email protected]

Scrapbook Archive Team: Seeking individuals with experience or those interested in learning, email
Coordinator: Karen Greif
Contact: [email protected]

Published Sources housed in Heritage Room

  • The Chat [The Sunday Chat], est. 1928
  • Westminster Student Fellowship, leather bound annual volumes 1935-1954
  • Wee Kirk, Westminster Student Fellowship Newsletter, 1954
  • The Kirk, Westminster Student Fellowship Newsletter, 1954
  • Annual Reports of Women's Auxiliary and Women of the Church, 1900s-present

Additional Resources

Archives about the history of University Presbyterian Church Austin live within but also beyond the walls of our church. If you have interest in learning more about the history of the Austin area surrounding the church's current location, more about the history of our church, its leadership and members when it was previously known as Highland Presbyterian Church, or more about the history of the Presbyterian Church at the national level, the resources below will be of help in your efforts.

Austin History Center
Susan Rittereiser, Archives and Manuscripts Curator
Phone: 512-974-7482
Website: library.austintexas.gov/ahc/archives-and-manuscripts

Austin Theological Seminary - Stitt Library
Kristy Sorensen, Archivist and Records Manager
Phone: 512-404-4875
Website: www.austinseminary.edu/page.cfm?p=1689

Highland Presbyterian Church Congregational History Collection

  • Daniel Allen Penick Papers, Presbytery of Central Texas Records
  • William Stuart Red Papers (Local churches AL, filed under Highland)
  • Dewitt Carter Reddick Papers
  • Jack Leven Stotts Papers
  • Lawrence Hay Wharton Papers, Synod of Texas (PCUS) Records, Presbytery of Central Texas album
  • Women of the Church Collection, Presbytery of Central Texas
    • "Church Histories, Central Texas Presbytery"
  • Women of the Church Collection, Presbytery of Central Texas, Scrapbook
    • "Central Texas Presbytery," 1949-1954
  • Women of the Church Collection, Presbytery of John Knox, Presidential Records
    • "12. District VI"
    • "Evaluations, District VI"
    • "Evaluation Guides and Presbyterian Profiles (District 16)"
  • Women of the Church Collection, Presbytery of John Knox, Scrapbook
    • "Women of the Church, Presbytery of John Knox," 1954-1968
  • Women of the Church Collection, Synod of Texas, Scrapbook
    • Synod of Texas, 1950s

Presbyterian Historical Society - The National Archives of the PC (U.S.A.)
Lisa Jacobson, Senior Reference Archivist
Phone: 215-627-1852
Website: www.history.pcusa.org/about