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Youth Sunday Scrapbook Page, May 2000


Five photographs taken during Youth Sunday. In the choir from back to front, left to right: Caleb Deats, Josh Hsu, Dave Thompson, Edward Wilhelm, Jeffry Bridge, Lizzie Hartman, Maggie Doughty, Emily Bridge, Keaton King, Clory Martin, Ashley Wilkins, Melanie Reichner, Rachel Wofford, Bekah Tice, Jacquelyn Caballero, Emily Hartman, Beth Martin, Caroline Deats, Saida Assghar, Meredith Martin, Kim Pettigrew

Date/Date Range

May 2000

Associated Milestones

  • Student Choral & Fellowship Group Celebrations Singers is created, 1975
  • Subjects

    ChildrenChoirsChurch activitiesChurch musicPhotographsSenior High studentsStudents


    Early 2000s


    Church Music

    People Pictured

    Assghar, SaidaBridge, EmilyBridge, JeffryCaballero, JacquelynDeats, CarolineDoughty, MaggieHartman, EmilyHartman, LizzieKing, KeatonMartin, BethMartin, CloryMartin, MeredithPettigrew, KimReichner, MelanieThompson, DaveTice, BekahWilhelm, EdwardWilkins, AshleyFenken, Rachel Wofford