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Timeline Milestone

Sunday School is organized by Mrs. R. M. Johnson and Mr. J. M. Brown, November 10, 1889


The First Southern (now Central) Presbyterian Church organized a Sunday School on the eastern outskirts of Austin, Texas.

Additional History/Context

An old store building was transformed into a county school, and used for a meeting place for the Stuart Female Seminary, run by Rev. J. M. Purcell. Meanwhile, Mrs. R. M. Johnson and Mr. J. M. Brown organized the Sunday School for the First Southern (now Central) Presbyterian Church. On November 10th, the two groups decided to join together, and began meeting on San Bernard Street in a building purchased by Rev. Purcell.

Associated Images

  • Church members outside the first church building at San Bernard St. in East Austin, photograph, 1892
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    J. M. Brown


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